You have to rest. No, really. This “rise and grind” thing isn’t sustainable for anyone.

Acknowledging the fact that proper rest has become a luxury for too many working people, this is your reminder to think about how you can plan for some non-work time in the near future. Use it to catch up on sleep, sit quietly for a while, unplug from social media, and just let your body and mind repair themselves. 

If you need to be convinced of the importance of rest, I refer you to what the good researchers at Johns Hopkins have to say about sleep. In short, it heals the body and keeps our minds sharp. The health benefits of resting and being away from work are well-documented as well, including reducing the risk of heart disease and boosting your immune system.

Manager action: Plan at least two consecutive days off, not just a regularly-scheduled weekend. Make the commitment to unplug from work, and follow through. You’ll be modeling good self-care practice for your team. 

Self-reflection: If you are in a work loop of long days and few breaks, what in your life is being deprioritized as a result? Thinking about the answer, are you ok with that trade off?


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