Pay equity

Great managers look out for pay equity on their team. Not only is it the fair thing to do, but comp inequities can undermine your credibility as a manager. If your company is engaged in unfair pay practices, there will come a time when you, as a leader, will have to answer for that. It’s tough to do if you don’t have a track record of advocating for fair comp. 

Where to begin: If you don’t already know your company’s compensation philosophy, ask someone in HR to share it with you. Feel free to ask questions about it so you really understand what’s behind the decisions about compensation. Also remember that “compensation” includes salary, benefits, bonuses, equity, and other perks. So even if things look clear and fair in terms of salary, your company may have work to do on the philosophy behind equity distribution. 

I’m always surprised to learn that there are managers who do not know how much their direct reports make, or how that was decided. It is one of your responsibilities as a supervisor to get a working understanding of comp and begin advocating for a system that ensures equity.

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